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Recorded on a SONY home stereo cassette recorder via a mixing desk around 1982 (Steve Bray did the fade-ins and outs).  These tracks were put into a privately made tape and sold at meetings.

The songs are available here in MP3 format for downloadng to your computer. The words and the chords of all the songs on this CD are available on this web site
Left click a DOWNLOAD button, when it appears, to play the file on your chosen player.  If you want to save the file, right-click the button, and choose "Save Target As ...." or "Save Link As....", depending on your browser.  Two versions of each song are offered here: the low quality (highly compressed file) will download more quickly, whilst the higher quality file will be larger and take longer to download.
CC 2       Eddie Boyes (lead vocals, rhythm and bass), Sam Pennington (rhythm and bass), Paul Lalgee (congas, bongos and other percussion), Peter Davies (lead guitar) and Steve Bray (rhythm and bass)
Track # Song Title MP3
(Low quality
- small file)
(Higher quality
- large file)
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11 songs of a 'home-made' tape sold at meetings.
2 Life
3 Answers
4 He's my Son
5 You're wrong
6 Agape
Quiet song - very quiet beginning
7 Shout  
8 Gladsome Light Quiet song - very quiet beginning
9 Yesterday, forever Music fades in
10 Peace Quiet song - very quiet beginning
11 War  

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