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These are the web pages of crImson connecTIon, a Liverpool contemporary Christian band who from ~1980 thru that decade played in churches, clubs, coffee bars and colleges throughout the UK. They formed some time after the Crossbeats, another Liverpool group, had folded. These Crimson Connection pages are located within the Crossbeats web site.

This was a part-time ministry, and the band asked only for travel expenses if an organisation could afford it.  The line-up varied, but essentially consisted of lead guitar, rhythm guitars (up to two), bass, congas/bongos and a drum machine.

After the Crossbeats folded, two of the group continued playing together as a duo (Eddie Boyes and Sam Pennington), and they were later joined by others to become crImson connecTIon.

The personel were: Eddie Boyes (lead vocals, rhythm and bass), Sam Pennington (rhythm and bass), Paul Lalgee (congas, bongos and other percussion), Peter Davies (lead guitar) and Steve Bray (rhythm and bass).  The work of the band was predominantly that of outreach and evangelism.

Information is sparse, as a limited number of personal diaries/journals are available; much information about bookings has therefore been lost.  There is a bookings page on this site, but it is mostly gaps!  We would be grateful for any information others can supply.

There is however a page of the songs (including the words, and a chords page) that crImson connecTIon played over the years, as well as a list of available recordings on CD, many of which are available as MP3 downloads.

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