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Gordon Bailey

In the 1960s and 70s, the crossBeaTs often played at meetings where Gordon Bailey was speaking, and/or he had organised the event.  At that time, Gordon was known as a 'Christian Poet' with some well known verses to his credit (they certainly became well known to us).  The dates of meetings with Gordon (that we have a record of) were:

28 May 1966 Gospel Rhythm Festival, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, organised by The Catacombs
4 May 1968 Beat Capital '68, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
20 October 1968 "Meeting Point" Coffee Bar Special, Stafford
1 December 1968 Palace Theatre, Manchester
26 April 1969 "Face the Music" Outreach Coffee Bar to Youth, Bolton
4 October 1969 "Out of Darkness", Gospel Beat Concert, Town Hall, Rochdale
23 May 1970 "Out of Darkness" Gospel Beat Concert, Leamington Spa
19 November 1971 "Plastic World" Concert, Hollinwood,
20 November 1971 Gospel Pop Concert, Garston, Watford

THEN (1968)

With a full head of hair
And NOW (~2003)

Shades of Elisha

Gordon is the founder of "Schools Outreach" and, more recently, "Pastoral Care for Kids". The latter provides online courses in the pastoral care and mentoring of children and young people.

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