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Stuart & Jill Briscoe
The crossBeaTs played on a number of occasions at meetings where Stuart or his wife Jill (or even his brother Bernard) were speaking.
Stuart was, at this time, a young, dynamic youth evangelist with a shock of black hair.  The dates of meetings with the Briscoes were:

13, 14, 15 November 1964 Barge Inn Coffee Bar, with Stuart
17 December 1964 Catacombs Coffee Bar, with Stuart
23 May 1965 Lancaster Youth for Christ, with Stuart and Jill
11 June 1965 Catacombs Coffee Bar, with Stuart
5 September 1965 St Philip and St Jacob (Pip & Jay), Bristol, with Stuart
23 October 1965 Aquarium Coffee Bar, with Bernard
13 November 1965 Lancaster Crusade, with Jill
5 March 1966 I M Marsh Training College, with Bernard
29 October 1966 Aquarium Coffee Bar, with Bernard
11 February 1967 "Sail Inn" Coffee Bar, with Bernard

Stuart moved over to the USA, and became the pastor of Elmbrook Church, 777 South Barker Road, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045, USA.
He was later made "Minister at Large" (nothing, I am assured, to do with his figure), and has a roving commission to travel around the world in his ministry. I had an interesting e-mail about Stuart (and other things) from Paul Tavernor, which you can read by clicking his name.

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