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CB 1 - Early Recordings

The coloured backround to the table below indicates the date of the line-up of the group for the particular recording.
1963 1966 1968 1968 1975

Before the "Seekers" came to the UK from Australia, this recording (tracks 1-28) was made of the "Seekers" gospel group from Liverpool, later to be called the crossBeaTs.  The group had been going for just about a year.  The recording was made on a Ferrograph tape recorder by the amateur recording club of Plessey Communications in their studio just off Edge Lane in Liverpool, with Plessey employees as the engineers.  Along with other peripherals, the studio consisted essentially of a mixing desk and a Ferrograph.  Fred Crane was the main instigator of this session.  Fred was an employee at Plessey and a member of their employee's audio club.  He was also a Boy Scout leader at Wellington Road Mission Church, Liverpool, where he had come into contact with the group.  All out-takes have been included on this CD, as well as multiple versions of the same song (taken during balancing).  The date was 18 February 1964.  The last track (29) was a home recording in November 1966 - when thinking about putting the "Old Rugged Cross" on to an LP.  This song had been learnt because, when going to play to the prisoners in Walton Prison, it had been requested.  The prisoners were particularly fond of it.

Songs in green itlaics were NOT written by the group - which at this stage means most of them.  An MP3 download is available for each song. The words of all the songs on this CD are available on this web site, and there is also a page of the chords used.

Left click a DOWNLOAD button, when it appears, to play the file on your chosen player.  If you want to save the file, right-click the button, and choose "Save Target As ...." or "Save Link As....", depending on your browser.  Two versions of each song are offered here: the low quality (highly compressed file) will download more quickly, whilst the higher quality file will be larger and take longer to download.

CB 1   Tony Mathias (vocals), Eddie Boyes (rhythm and vocals), John Boyes (lead), Eric Knowles (drums), John Millington (bass) - first line-up
Track # Song Title MP3
Small File or Large File
1 - 5 Love or or or or or Repeating same song - setting balances when we first got into the studio (sliders are going up and down, there are stops and starts).  

This particular song had recently just been written by the group, so it was a good excuse to practice it while 'balancing' (written Jan 1964). We did it gain later in the session (below).
6 - 7 Thank You or or Translation from the german by Angela Mockford (our church minister's wife)
8 My yielded heart or From Western Style Songs
9 Go tell it on the mountain or From Western Style Songs
10 Softly and tenderly (Jesus is calling) or This was a hymn which we used as a closing song for a year or so.  It was very much a committment song.
11 My Jesus or The group had written this tune - the words being from Doris Frostick, a parishioner at St Leonard's church Bootle.
12 - 13 The plan or or This song had not long been written by the group
14 Have you walked with the Lord today? or From Western Style Songs
15 - 16 Think or or This song had not long been written by some of the group
17 Jesu lover of my soul or Arrangement by Tom Cooper of a "20th Century" Hymn tune
18 Someone to tell my troubles to or From Western Style Songs
19 Old rugged cross or The standard hymn - but with some lovely chord sequences from Tom Cooper.
20 - 21 Love or or This song had recently just been written by the group (Jan 1964, see above)
22 The Answer Man or From Western Style Songs
23 Above all else (the world needs Jesus) or From Western Style Songs
24 My God is real or From Western Style Songs
25 Heaven is my home or The group had written a new tune to this old hymn
26 Have you walked with the Lord today or From Western Style Songs
27 - 28 Thank You or or See above
29 Old rugged cross (parts) or Much later home recording sitting around a tape recorder - doing parts (Tony & Eddie), 25/11/66. This was when we were considering this song for an LP - with a company called Emblem (which didn't happen). We were under some pressure from 'older' folk to include this song.

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