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CB 11 - 'Home' Recordings

The coloured backround to the table below indicates the date of the line-up of the group for the particular recording.
1963 1966 1968 1968 1975

The bulk of these songs (tracks 1-17) were recorded probably in early 1972, via a mixer into an Akai 4000D tape recorder modified to allow sound with sound (in phase) recording.  The recording quality is quite good, when compared with other 'home' recordings or live recordings.  The other two (tracks 18-19) are some writing sessions in the 1970s.

An MP3 download is available for each track.  The words of all the songs on this CD are available on this web site, and there is also a page of the chords used.

Left click a DOWNLOAD button, when it appears, to play the file on your chosen player.  If you want to save the file, right-click the button, and choose "Save Target As ...." or "Save Link As....", depending on your browser.  Two versions of each song are offered here: the low quality (highly compressed file) will download more quickly, whilst the higher quality file will be larger and take longer to download.

CB 11   Tony Mathias (vocals), Eddie Boyes (bass and vocals), John Boyes (lead guitar and vocals), Sam Pennington (rhythm), Joe Roberts (drums and vocals) - fourth line-up.
CB 11 Song Title MP3
Small File or Large File
1 I do believe or  
2 Romans 8 or  
3 This mankind or  
4 Maybe one day or  
5 Misty the sky or  
6 Born to die or  
7 They can't believe in what they can't see or  
8 Peace of mind or  
9 Simple man at heart or  
10 Where are they taking my Lord? or  
11 Open air or  
12 I look up to Him or  
13 6 am or  
14 About love or  
15 See all the people or  
16 Sitting alone by the fire or  
17 Colours or  
18 Even there or Writing and trying out the song at home (1970s)
19 Even there or Trying out a simple recording at home

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