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He Wants to Know if You Want to

The song: "He Wants to Know if You Want to" was written by Eddie Boyes (tune & words) and Tony Mathias (words) in February 1965, and played from May onwards that year.  It was recorded at Hollick & Taylor Studios, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham on (17 September and 19 November 1965, and appeared as the 'B' side of the crossBeaTs' second single.

Musically, it wasn't a strong song, but had a chord sequence that allowed the bass part to run downwards while another part ran upwards - all behind the melody.

Little did we realise the 'issues' that the words would raise at that time.  As young Christians, we were not aware of the sense in which, for some Christians, those words would be seen as denying the sovereignty of God.  We would certainly never have wished to convey that.  A small number of older Christians let their feelings be known to us, although we were not conscious of the importance of any underlying arguments.

As young teenage (just) Christians working in evangelism, and singing about the 'call' on people's lives, it seemed like a catchy phrase to use in an evangelistic song - 'He want to know if you want to'.

I wonder if we lost some prayer supporters at that time because of this song - or whether we gained some who felt we needed more prayer.  It would be nice to think the latter.

To play the song,    or    from the (live) CD CB4, or you can find the 'single' version on CB14.

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The details on the back of the two singles was incorrect in that it said that the group had been together sionce 1961, whereas in fact we first practised in late 1962, and the first booking was in January 1963.

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