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His Servants - Time Ltd

"His Servants" started around the mid-sixtties, and the crossBeaTs were at the same 'concert' as them at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall for "Beat Capital 68" in May 1968.  It was at that concert where "Out of Darkness" (previously called "The Pilgrims") brought in a far edgier and rocky sound.

It would seem to be the latter which influenced "His Servants" to change their name to "Time Ltd" and to play a much more contemporary rock-sounding Christian music.  By the time of "Beat Capital 70" (again at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall), they were on the bill with us as "Time Ltd".

In 2017 Pete Wildman (of His Servants and Time Ltd) kindly sent me a 'pdf' file of his memories of the 60s Christian Music Scene. It's very much a 'persoanl journey', but contains lots of information about the Christian Music Scene at that time. You can find it at this link: Pete Wildman - His Servants - Time Ltd.

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