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The crossBeaTs were a Liverpool Christian beat group who from 1963 thru the 1970s played in churches, clubs, coffee bars, prisons and colleges in the UK and, in the summer of 1970, on a short tour of the USA
           Mainly worked in the UK     Short tour of the US in 1970
The five members of the group all had full-time jobs and the group was paid, at most, only travel expenses to and from bookings.  Good equipment was always, therefore, something of a problem.

The crossBeaTs were backed by some 300 prayer partners, and the work of the group was predominantly centred on outreach and evangelism.

The MAIN CONTENT of this site is the BOOKINGS page which lists ~700 bookings starting from 1963 when there was effectively no CCM scene.  This list can be checked to see if your church is included.  Many of the items in the list have links to details about the venues etc, and links to pages with other 'historical' information about the meetings, churches or organisations involved - with photos etc.  The bookings page also mentions some of the people responsible for making the bookings or for speaking at meetings, as well as the other Christian music groups involved.  There is also a separate page which lists all these other Christian groups.
You will find a page of the songs that the crossBeaTs played over the years - with words and the chords used, as well as a list of available recordings - most of which can be downloaded as MP3 files, or simply played on your computer.  There is also some limited video footage for viewing, and an MP3 of a 2008 Radio 4 programme..  When the group folded in the mid 1970s, some of them formed another CCM band called Crimson Connection.

The "activity" shown in these pages is typical of the many voluntary Christian bands that were around in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s.  Until the coming of the "Jesus Movement" from America around 1969, there were no real "stars" in the UK Christian music scene, but a plethora of small "lights" of witness, and the crossBeaTs were just one of them.  If you can help to supply any extra information for this site, please e-mail.

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