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Ian Knox

Ian Knox was a young Christian solicitor (I know that to many people "Christian" and "solicitor" are mutually exclusive terms but .....), and in the 1960s and 1970s he spoke at many meetings where the crossBeaTs played.  He was an extremely gifted communicator of the gospel to young people.

The dates of meetings with Ian (that we have a record of in the bookings page) were:

15 November 1968 Catacombs Coffee Bar
11 May 1969 Catacombs Coffee Bar?
19 June 1970 Catacombs Coffee Bar
28 November 1970 Radcliffe Independent Methodist.
6 February 1971 Newbottle, County Durham
18 September 1971 Cheadle Parish Church.
14 April 1972 Radcliffe Independent Methodist Church (with the Informers).
12 May 1973 Garston Covenantors? (Liverpool?)

One of the ex-workers at the 'Cats', Tony Jones (now a Baptist minister in Essex - 2002) reminded me that Ian was a regular speaker at the Catacombs, and led the Tuesday night Bible studies, known affectionately as TWIK (Tuesdays with Ian Knox) as well as speaking at the more typical 'Cats' evening..  It's probable that there were many other occasions when he spoke at the 'Cats' when the crossBeaTs were there, but he is not mentioned in our diaries.  You can hear Ian introducing the group (Sunday 11 May 1969 at the Catacombs) by going to the first 'track' of the CD - CB9 on this site.

Ian eventually left the legal profession and became a full-time evangelist/speaker.  He started the "Forty: Three Trust", which is a 'Christian Charitable Trust dedicated to the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ'.  Established in 1986, it supports evangelistic work throughout the British Isles and abroad.

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