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Letter from
Alison Elliot

I received the following e-mail (edited in parts) from Alison Elliot in January 2011. She mentions a number of things from the Manchester Christian scene of the 1960s, including:

The Catacombs (Christian coffee bar)
Christian Business Mens' Committee
Barge Inn Coffee Bar, Cheadle (Christian coffee bar)
Ford's Lane Evangelical Church, Bramhall

January 2011


I stumbled across your website by chance, and am absolutely amazed by it! It brought my teenage years flooding back! I was 14 in 1963, and remember seeing the Crossbeats in the Manchester area several times. In fact I think I remember you being called The Seekers.

I went to Ford's Lane Evangelical Church in Bramhall, and you played there at least once (see Bookings Page 12 September 1969). The CBMC (Christian Business Men's Committee) used to put on monthly events in Manchester, and I think you may have played at one of these "for young people" (see Bookings Page 21 November 1964).

My friends and I used to go to Barge Inn in Cheadle, and helped set up the Catacombs (coffee bar in Manchester) - I remember going to paint walls(see page on Val Grieve), and being trained in counseling before it started! I think when it opened it ran for a week with maybe Alan Godson as speaker (my recollection is Stuart Briscoe - Alan came much later)? Then it opened weekends, until it increased to full time opening.

The Crossbeats were our first experience of a Christian Music group that were in any way comparable to secular bands, and that gave us a huge amount of encouragement - that Christians could be "modern", and did not only play folk music! We also thought you were all very good-looking!" (I couldn't bring myself to edit that out).

So, thank you for the site, but thank you more for you input into the lives of many many Christian teenagers who were struggling to be Christians in the world of the 1960s.

My husband was not a Christian at that time, but since has been heavily involved in Christian music - he is fascinated by your page on the equipment you had, because that is just how it was when he started playing!

Thank you and God Bless .

Alison Elliott


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