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A Testimony

Eddie Boyes' wife received this letter from a work colleague in 2004.

January 2004

I became a Christian in mid 1967. The decision might never have been made if groups like the Crossbeats had not been around.

I was invited to a Saturday night coffee bar at Stanley Road Baptist (Bootle) by an old school friend. The Crossbeats had performed prior to my invitation. The coffee bar would never have been started if Christian groups such as the Crossbeats had not been ready and able to perform.

Later, when I was born again, I attended a gospel concert at the Phil. I can remember the Crossbeats and His Word (he must mean His Servants) performing as well as other noisy groups. I can remember being greatly impressed by the Crossbeats and thinking that if they can do it, then so can I.
Now - thirty odd years later - I still play guitar to enrich worship at Emannuel baptist Church (Netherton). Does Eddie know what they started?

Bill Vaughn

PS I think that I still have a copy of a Crossbeats music book - it includes 'Do you remember?'


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