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Only God's Son

The song: "Only God's Son" was written by Eddie Boyes (tune & words), Eric Knowles (words - his idea, probably), Tony Mathias (words) in December 1964, and played from March 1965 - the following year.  It was a 'Christmas song' and so was played less frequently,

In December 2010, I had e-mail correspondence with Laura Kisby, living at that time in Leamington Spa. She had been at a meeting in 1966 at the Astoria ballroon in Rawtenstall where the song had been played. The e-mail correspondence below speaks for itself.

20 December 2010

Somehow, through Googling for a song I think is in the CSSM books, I've stumbled across your website.

A Crossbeats song at a rally in the 60s led to the start of my own Christian journey (although I can see God had been at work in my life for years before!). I'm sure the chorus/punchline was something like "After all, it's only God's Son". (Would that have been it? It made me realise, with a jolt, what Jesus had done for me.) We moved churches about 2 years ago and I've been asked to give a testimony in a service in May. How wonderful it would be to get it right!!

I lived in Rossendale, Lancs and worshipped at Holy Trinity, Tunstead, Bacup, where our curate was David Parkin. Haven't a clue where we travelled for the aforementioned rally. It could have been locally, at the Astoria, Rawtenstall. Our vicar, Bill Montgomerie had links with Holy Trinity, Platt, so we had Michael Baughen et al coming in '66 to launch Youth Praise. Exciting times!

Looking back we had such a richness of scripture in our catchy songs, that have gone with me through life and my own music ministry. Also selfless, thorough teaching. So much to be thankful for - and to pass on.

Anyway, 40-odd years on, thank you!

Laura Kisby
(now at Leamington Spa Baptist Church)


20 December 2010 - My Reply


How lovely to hear from you. What a privilege it is to be a part of God's Kingdom, and also to be a worker in it as he gives evidence of his harvest.

My guess is that if you have gone through the website, and especially the Bookings Page, you will have a better idea of what meeting you might have gone to. However, I can point you to the song, I think.

It will be the song that we called 'Only God's Son'. It was a Christmas song, so we didn't play it very much. We probably played it when it was first written, and then only in certain months I guess (December and maybe November). It was written in December 1964 but wouldn't have been played before March 1965 - by the time we'd practised it.

You can hear the song by navigating to the 'songs' page on the website, or going directly to it via:

As you scroll down the (very long) page, you'll get to a first mention of the song, but carry on down until the words of the songs start to appear, then go down to the song (it's in the right hand of the three columns). There are two buttons just above the words that will allow you to download the song as an MP3 file. It was probably recorded on a tape recorder with poor tape speed because it sounds rather squeaky (Pinky & Perky) - we're just grateful that someone took the trouble to do it. Maybe one day I'll get round to doing some digital jiggery-pokery to slow it down.

If you have any problems, please get in touch.




21 December 2010 - Laura's Reply


I hadn't actually delved into the website that much so it has been a delight to find the event I attended actually was at the Astoria Rawtenstall on Jan 7, 1966 (the little grey cells aren't quite shot to pieces then!).

How amazing to have the date sorted out and to hear the actual song! Thanks for the archive.

Best wishes



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