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"Question" were a 1970s Christian group/band which I heard about in 2020. In October 2020, following an 'item' about the crossBeaTs on "Songs of Praise" (BBC Television) that month, I received the following e-mail (edited - italics) from Alistair Tandy, then living in London. Alistair had been playing guitar in the band "Question" which originated from Malvern, Worcestershire, in the 1970s, and had connections with Holy Trinity ((later Malvern Priory). More details on the band (a 'pdf' file from Alistair) can be found in this link

26 October 2020

Dear Eddie

I hope you won't mind getting a lengthy e-mail from a total stranger. I very much enjoyed the "Crossbeats" feature on Songs of Praise a few weeks ago. It took me right back to my musical roots!

I was lead guitarist in a band called "Question", together with my three brothers. We used to play Church services, concerts and coffee bars - mainly in the Midlands and Surrey areas.

Like the Crossbeats - we were very much of that era, when electric guitars and drums in Church, were often frowned on. You wouldn't bat an eyelid at it nowadays. We were registered with MGO from 1970 to 1975.

Looking at the Crossbeats' guitar and amp line up - there are no prizes for guessing the strong British Beat Boom influence. It was like looking at our own band, in it's formative years. Being 2 Vox AC30's, a Selmer treble and bass, a Hofner Violin bass, and a Hofner Verithin. Which was what sparked me to contact you.

I checked back - we did play some Crossbeats songs, including "Crazy Mixed Up Generation" - from Youth Praise 2. (edited)

Two of my brothers were still (2020) playing in Church Worship bands until COVID-19 lockdown - as I was (at Mitcham Lane Baptist Church, London SW16.)

I am still a big fan of the Vox sound - currently using an all-valve Vox AC10, or a baby Vox Pathfinder, just for recording. I can't see myself using an amp as loud as the AC30 ever again. I still live with the tinnitus I got from it! (edited)

Thanks for letting me reminisce in this e-mail. I've done it, to hold out a hand of Christian fellowship - to someone who might understand my nostalgia for this part of my life.

I pray God's blessing on you and your family in these strange COVID times.


Alistair (Tandy), London SW16


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