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"The Outreach"

In February 2006, I received the following e-mail from Tony Eyers (Poole, Dorset) with some information about the crossBeaTs music (LP, songbook etc), and also about a gospel group called 'The Outreach'.  I think that this band is different from 'The Outreachers', which we encountered in 1969.  The letter has been edited slightly.

6 February 2006

Hi Eddiie.

40 years ago I formed a group called 'The Outreach' at my Local church in Poole Dorset.  At that time there weren't any real rock gospel songs to play until I heard this album at a friends house.  I said, "Who's this?"  "That?  The 'Crossbeats'", he said.  "That's a great sound!"  "Yes they're a band from Liverpool."

As I listened to the songs, I thought, "These song have a real religious testimony to them."  At the time I was a non-believer, although I had gone to church to please my mum & dad.  I purchased a copy of the Album (LP), and a copy of the Songbook from a local religious record & bookshop.

The more times I played a song, the more times it hit home to me where my life was going.  It was the words to 'Do You Remember' that changed the way I looked at things.  This is when I knelt down and committed my Life to God and become a Christian.  I moved out of the Poole area, as I had to relocate due to my job.

In the year 2003, I was working in the Midlands on contract when I received a tap on the shoulder.  "Hi Tony, remember me?  I'm Dave Green, 'Do you Remember' that LP I played you in the 60's, and 'Do you Remember' the band we formed at The Church of the Good Shepherd in Dorset?"  I said, "Yes."  Then I asked him what he was up to these days.  He said he was still a drummer, and we must get together some time.  He then told me that not only was I working at 'his company', but that all the member of staff were Christians.  He asked if I would like to work for him full-time.

To conclude:- Last year, in 2005, his company 'upped sticks' and moved back down South after it received a 10 year contract.  We tracked down the other two members of the band, and we are now 'Back where we belong' playing again together at the Church where we grew up - spreading the word of the Lord.  All we need now is a new Crossbeats Songbook (?) as my copy is 40 years old!

God be with you always

Tony Eyers.

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