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The Witnesses

The Witnesses started some time after the crossBeaTs , but we knew them well, played at meetings together and met socially. For a period in the early days, their bassist, Jimmy Nunnan, played bass for us for quite a few meetings.  They went to Richmond Baptist Church in Liverpool, and this is where Sam Pennington, who later joined the crossBeaTs came from. At one stage, there was talk of the two groups amalgamating, but it never came off.

The line up was: Chris Keenan (rhythm and vocals), Jimmy Nunnan (bass and vocals), Phil Jones (lead) and Norman Smith (drums).  The Witnesses made an EP (4 tracks), and these, along with some other recordings that came into my possession, have been made into a CD. The tracks from the CD can be downloaded from this web site. Click on CD to see the songs available.

In May 2006 I received an e-mail from Norman Smith (drummer), and this is shown below the photograph.

31 May 2006

Hi, Eddie

I hope that this website is still active, because I happened upon it by accident, while doing some speculative searches, to see if any of my old friends turned up on some site or other; I did not expect to find a site that brought back so many memories from my teen years in the 60's.

I have tried many times to find a copy of an EP, that I and three other Scousers recorded in London on Saturday 30th July 1966. While England were winning the world cup across town in Wembley, Chris, Jimmy, Phil and I were recording one of our gospel songs "The Winning Side". I remember crawling out of the studio, after more than 8 hours, into the sunlight at about 5-00, only to find central London deserted. Collectively, we identified ourselves as "The Witnesses" and were there with Dave Eastwood, our friend, mentor and manager.

To find your website and see all of your faces again, gave me the strangest of feelings. I do, of course, remember all of you guys, from the many occasions when we met up in those days at the Catacombs, Philharmonic Hall and that memorable day at the Free Trade Hall, plus the other more casual meetings and weekend retreats at Stone (did you go to Capernwray with us?). If John Banner is still around, please tell him that I haven't forgotten his clip round the ear, but I have forgiven him for it!

I have lost track of the other guys from the Witnesses, although I did play with Jimmy a few times after I went to London. I was most saddened to discover from your website that Dave Eastwood has died in such tragic circumstances; we owed a lot to Dave and I hope that the family are all OK - we spent many a happy Sunday with them in Cheadle. If you have a link to them, please send them my kindest regards or even an e-mail address.

I am pleased to see that my mate Sam was with you 'til the end; I remember his Hillman Imp to this day!!

Well, I'm must away for now; I have copied loads of info from your site and will now be able to recreate the EP, so thanks for all of that, although I am unsure whether or not to say thanks for reproducing the EP cover photo - there are some things one would prefer to forget.


Norman Smith (drummer)

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