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Isle of Man (September 1963)

 IOM group holiday Sep 1963 Tom Cooper was instrumental in encouraging the group to go away for a late holiday to the Isle of Man in our first year together.  There had been previous contact by folk in St Leonard's with someone who ran a Christian guest house in the town of Douglas (Mr Christian?), and we felt that time away together, to pray, study the Bible and practice would be beneficial.

Tom came with us and took the Bible studies.  We "got off" and refined some new songs, though they were not ones that we had written, and we managed to get a booking at the Villa Marina (large dance hall in Douglas) on the same bill as Emile Ford and the Checkmates (?) and Mike Sarne (?).  How this happened is a mystery to me.  Our miserable equipment (a Fenton Weill bass amp and a small 15 watt lead/rhythm/vocal amp) was no match for this venue, but we managed to witness quite simply.

It seems likely that we stayed at "Snaefell", 3 Stanley Terrace, Broadway, IOM (Proprietress Mrs E Collister) - as we have a 'calling card' from that establishment.  On the other hand, was this the house of Mr Christian?
While on practice holiday on a 'cool' Isle of Man
John Millington, Eddie Boyes, Eric Knowles, Tony Mathias

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