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CMS Rally, YMCA,
Mount Pleasant, Liverpool
(24 February 1964)
YMCA with Bishop Martin Bishop Martin was a kindly 'old gentleman', as evidenced on other occasions when we met him (see Swanwick booking).

 At this Church Missionary Society rally at the the YMCA, he asked us, "Is there anything you boys need, anything I can get you?"  Eric, who had been thinking of a better set of drums, suggested that we needed a tambourine.  The Bishop said, "I will buy you a tambourine - better still, you buy the tambourine, and I will pay for it."  This he did.

The diary mentions there being another group at this booking - the Concordes (though it may have been a group called the Raiders). Memories are unclear on this.

Pictured at the CMS Rally, YMCA Liverpool, with Bishop Clifford Martin    
John Millington, Bishop Martin, Tony Mathias, Eric Knowles
         John Boyes, Eddie Boyes

 Newspaper cutting (possibly 'Liverpool Echo') detailing the YMCA meeting (24 February 1964)

Article feb 64?
 Article published by the Liverpool Diocesan Youth and Children's Councils ~February 1964

This is really a newspaper article about Bishop Martin - but a little details of the Seekers (Crossbeats) and the February 24th meeting are included

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