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St Mary's Church, Upton, Wirral

St Mary's Church, Upton
  It would seem that, altogether, the crossBeaTs played 6 times at St Mary's Church, Upton near Liverpool.  The dates for these were:

Sat 11 Jan 1964 (speaker Tom Cooper)
Sat 5 Feb 1966 (Glory Hole Coffee Bar)
Sun 6 Feb 1966 (Glory Hole Coffee Bar)
Sat 4 Feb 1967 (Glory Hole Coffee Bar)
Fri 10 Oct 1969 (Crossbar Coffee Bar)
Fri 12 June 1970 (Crossbar Coffee Bar)

The first meeting in 1964 came about probably from the connection between Rev Roy Barker (minister at St Mary's) and Rev John Mockford (minister at St Leonard's) - possibly a Cambridge/college connection.

That first meeting (11 Jan 1964) was eventful in that Tony (our singer) had broken his leg playing football and could not be with us.  The singing that night was done by Tom Cooper (the speaker) and John Boyes (lead guitar).  The diary notes that there was one conversion.

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