Crossbeats Calling Card
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Swanwick Conference Centre
(27 June 1964)

Relaxing at Swanwick Church Councillors' weekendPictured at Swanwick Jun 64
John Boyes, Tony Mathias
John Millington, Eddie Boyes, Eric Knowles

We were not keen to do this booking.  It was for 'church councillors' (deacons) and we never liked playing to all Christians.  We actually arrived late for some reason, and we were greeted by an elderly gentleman who proceeded to look after us.  He had made sure that some food had been kept back (after the meal) and set about serving us at table.  The 'old gentleman' was the Bishop of Liverpool, Clifford Martin - who showed his kindness once again (see YMCA booking).

Swanwick, Derbyshire
 Old calling card    
Calling Card just after John Banner joined the group, and just before changing the name to 'Crossbeats'    

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