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Blair Hall, Walton, Liverpool
(22 March 1964)

Blair Hall was situated above the Cooperative Society store on Walton Road Liverpool. The entrance was at the side in Christopher Street (just in photo). It was a venue used in the early 1960s for many Liverpool groups, and the Beatles played there 5 times in all. The stage sloped forwards as I recall.

The hall was also used on some Sunday nights by the local Christians for 'outreach'. Pastor Richard Kayes of the People's Church Everton organised meetings there in the late 50s for the "Teddy Boys" of the area, many of whom became Christians. The meetings continued into the 60s, and when the Crossbeats played there in March 1964, it was the last outreach to take place in Blair Hall. The hall has since been demolished and there is a supermarket on the site (Iceland in 2016)- see below.
Blair Hall over the 'Co-op', 164 Walton Road, Liverpool (early 1960s)    

The same view of Walton Road and Christopher Street in 2016
Supermarket where Blair Hall once stood (2016)    

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