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Mid-Lancs Convention (27 March 1964)

  This (and the one two years later, 8 April 1966) was a most amazing meeting. The church seemed very isolated in the countryside, and when we arrived, the place was totally deserted. We thought there would be a few cows and lambs for the meeting/service.

By the time we had set up, hoards of young people (and old), from many different churches, came from miles around. many of them seem to have been on 'rambles' in their various church groups and had arrived for a Good Friday 'meeting' at this country church.

It was absolutely choc-a-bloc, bursting at the seams, and a wonderful time of fellowship.

That, at least, is my recollection. I'd be grateful for any other memories.

(See the rest of the, rather old-fashioned, programme below).

Holy Trinity, Hoghton

The speaker on this occasion was Dick Lucas, Rector of St Helens Bishopsgate in the City of London.

Leaflet for Mid-Lancs Convention 1964

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