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Photos in 1964

Publicity photograph taken early 1964  

John Boyes, Eric Knowles, Eddie Boyes, Tony Matthias, John Millington  

At the Liverpool YMCA in February 1964
At the Swanwick Conference in June 1964

(Back) John Boyes, Tony Matthias,
(Front)John Millington, Eddie Boyes, Eric Knowles,
(Back) John Millington, Bishop Martin, Tony Matthias, Eric Knowles,
(Front) John Boyes, Eddie Boyes

Photograph taken in June 1964
John Boyes, Tony Mathias, Eric Knowles, John Millington, Eddie Boyes

Photo taken near November 1964
John Boyes, Eddie Boyes, Tony Matthias, Eric Knowles,John Millington  

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