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Transport and Expenses

At first, the crossBeaTs (or Seekers as they were then) borrowed what transport they could to get round bookings.  The Bedford minibus of John Mockford, vicar of St Leonard's Bootle, was used regularly, though there were many folk who helped out with cars and vans.  We also used van hire companies (Hertz) when we had to.

In June 1964, John got a £130 loan off the bank to buy a second hand Bedford van (an ex milk delivery van).  He bought seats from a scrapyard (Autorex, Litherland) and we put them in,  It smelt of stale milk to some extent but, apart from breakdowns, it served us well.  This was the first of two Bedfords that John bought.

{short description of image}   {short description of image}
Our first, red, van
Tony Mathias, John Boyes, Eddie Boyes, Eric Knowles, John Millington
  One of the frequent breakdowns.  If it wasn't the brakes seizing, it was the exhaust (muffler) falling off.
John Boyes (under), Eric Knowles, Eddie Boyes

The group charged only mileage expenses at 9d per mile, and these went straight to John who kept strict accounts. If anyone ever gave us over and above expenses, it went into the "group fund" which we each paid into to help replace equipment.
A page from an early account book
Sam, who worked for Ford Motor Company, took over the van issue in December 1969 when he bought his first Ford Transit van for use by the group

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