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Trinity Baptist Church
Radcliffe Lancs
(13 February 1965)

Inside Trinity Baptist, Radcliffe (Church St), 1965

This picture to the left shows the crossBeaTs in front of the speaker or leader of this Radcliffe meeting (at the podium) .  

The group are, from left to right:
John Boyes, Tony Matthias, Eric Knowles, Eddie Boyes, Jimmy Nunnan

Jimmy Nunnan (of the Witnesses) was playing bass for a period while the then bass guitarist of the group (John Millington) took a break

In July 2017, I received the picture to the left from Graham French, then living in Radcliffe, who had been doing some research on churches in the local area.

His e-mails (somewhat edited - and joined up) are included below.

Around 1983 the church moved from this building in Church St to its new home in Westminster Avenue (and the old church was demolished) 

Outside Trinity (Church St) - up to about 1983

Outside Trinity (Westminster Ave) from about 1983

20 July 2017


It was good to come across your web site recently. I well remember the Crossbeats in my younger days in St Helens, particularly a couple of your visits to St Helens, (I was a member of the Baptist Church Youth Group in St Helens, and whilst I don’t remember you actually coming to our church, we tagged along to some of the venues where you played in the town, and on one occasion at Skelmersdale) and also the Merseyside Christian Endeavour Isle of Man trips (see Bookings Page).

I also remember meeting Richard Kayes’ children on an NYLC Holiday in Robins Hood Bay in Yorkshire, in about 1961 or 62. They were there with a group from their church (Peoples Chapel, Everton Valley) with their Youth Leader – I seem to recall his name being Noel Adams?

I’m attaching a photo I came across recently taken at Trinity Baptist Church, Radcliffe (Manchester) – I now live there. I think probably this is of the Crossbeats playing there although the definition is not too good and I can’t identify any of the guys too well but you may be able to confirm this (checking your “Bookings” page this would probably have been 13th. Feb 1965

(and later)

I see you also played at the WigWam Youth Club in Heywood (Heywood Baptist Church) which was run by Rev. Mike Huck (see Bookings Page) – he is a good friend of mine, and another name I recognise from your archive content is the Rev Max Wigley (see Bookings Page). I knew Max before he was ordained, when he was one of the “officers” who helped run the NYLC holidays at Robin Hoods Bay that I referred to in my earlier Email. Max became a curate at one of the churches on the Wirral (St Mary's Upton), and later I believe he moved over to the Bradford area

It’s a Small World isn’t it

Every Blessing

Graham French

P.S. I forgot to add that the phrase “Crazy genned-up mixeration” will be burned on my memory for ever


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