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"The Lighthouse" Coffee Bar Chadderton, Oldham
"The Lighthouse" at Washbrook, Chadderton, was one of the early coffee bars.  In all. it would seem that the crossBeaTs played there 7 times over the years:
  19 September 1965
14 November 1965
9 January 1966
12 March 1967
7 June 1970
27 September 1970
20 December 1970
The map below shows the position of the Lighthouse in Washbrook Oldham.

 Lighthouse Ticket  At the Lighthouse 19 September 1965
The 'Lighthouse' coffee bar took place at the Methodist Church 'Institute' on the corner of Green Road and Butler Green. It is shown as a blue dot on the map opposite.

The new church building of 'South Chadderton Methodist' is now 200 yards further down Butler Green, and is shown as a green dot on the map.

You can see details of the current church at their web site:

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