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"Session" Chester,
The Bluecoat School
(3 March 1968)

We have no real recollection of this meeting, organised by Ian Comerford (our diary had John Cumberford), or of the Session Coffee bar in Chester at which we seem to have played on two occasions (see dates on Bookings Page).

Sunday 18 Decemebr 1966
and this occasion Sunday 3 March 1968

However, extra details of the 'Session Coffee Bar' have since been sent to me by Stuart Millar (see link).  It had its own 'house band' - The Sowers (see link)

For now, here is a picture of the building known as Bluecoat School in Chester, the venue for the second meeting.  The building was the first charity school built outside London by the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge in 1717.  I'm not sure what it was used for in 1968, or why the 'Session' meeting was held here.

There is a similar building in Liverpool, now known as the Bluecoat Chambers.

The Bluecoat School, Chester

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