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"Mustard Seed" Coffee Bar, Norfolk St, Sheffield

Flyer for Mustard Seed

According to our records (the bookings list), it would seem that crossBeaTs played at the "Mustard Seed" at least 9 times. The person responsible for the booking of most of these is noted as being a guy called Brian Hollocks.  The dates were:

Saturday 25 June 1966 (follow-up to the Billy Graham Crusade)
Saturday 12 October 1968
Saturday 12 April 1969
Saturday 20 September 1969
Saturday 13 December 1969
Saturday 31 January 1970
Saturday 2 May 1970
Saturday 20 June 1970
Saturday 15 May 1971

In August 2004 I received this e-mail from Brian Hollocks

24 August 2004

Hi!  I've just come across your website.  It takes me back!

In fact there were two generations of Mustard Seed coffee bar (I booked the bands for both).  The first, in 1966 (in parallel with Billy Graham relays to the City Hall) was in a converted (!) pub - the Athol Hotel.  It was a great set up but we were not allowed its use for longer than a few weeks or so.  I certainly remember the Crossbeats there - including a song called "I'm only me", which didn't appear on record.

Subsequently, for the next Billy Graham campaign, a vacated stationary suppliers shop was transformed into a coffee bar - and it's that that features in your picture & flier.  That site was supposed to be for a few months but, thanks to Sheffield Council dithering over redevelopment of the area, it was available for years!  That Mustard Seed led, because of the problems of placing new converts in churches, to the emergence of "Sheffield House Church" (still going).

Best wishes

Brian Hollocks


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