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Four Square Coffee Bar
The dates the crossBeaTs played at the Four Square Coffee Bar were (at least) the following four, very 'regular', bookings
    Saturday 22 March 1969
    Saturday 21 March 1970
    Saturday 20 March 1971
    Saturday 18 March 1972

From information I received in early 2011 (see e-mails below), the coffee bar was run by St Michael's church in Bath, and took place in what was then their church hall at 88 Walcot Street ('Church House'), but which is now (2011) an Italian restaurant. Christians from other churches seem to have been involved in the ministry too. It would also appear (from e-mails below) that other Christian singers who played there over the years were: Graham Kendrick, Judie McKenzie and Larry Norman.

  St Michael's Church, Bath   The then church hall at 88 Walcot St

One other memory I have is that every time we played there, we went afterwards to an Indian restaurant in Bath with the organiser (possibly Richard Duggan) and some of the Christian helpers.  The restaurant was, I think, on the corner of a road in the town, and the food was memorable too.  It may well have been the Jamuna by the Abbey. Going there, of course, meant that we got home to Liverpool at some unearthly hour on the Sunday morning - and so probably didn't make it to our morning church service.

Jamuna in 2010
In January 2011 I received an e-mail from a guy who had been at the Four Square Coffee bar and who had much helpful information about the people there. I include parts of his e-mail below (edited bits are shown in italics). I also include a few other e-mails, which I received subsequently, from folk who had worked at the Foursuare in the 60s and 70s.

January 2011

Hiya Eddie

I was astounded and pleasantly surprised to see a reference to the Four Square Coffee Bar after four decades. Although I was fairly screwed up at the time, I remember it with much fondness and will never forget the peace, love and happiness to be found there. I left Bath circa early 70's and although I am not a Christian, I subsequently rebuilt my life based on my observations of the friends that I had made and lost.

Some names do come to mind and I hope that it helps. There was a guy who was the first to befriend me and his name was Dave Snook and I think that his wife's name was Angela. The resident band comprised two guys named Dave and Chris (I think), one played accoustic twelve string and the other six. Mary Minney? Yes, she seemed a very sensible young lady who everyone used to share their problems with. I think that Mary worked in a bank in Bath. You will surely remember Margaret May. She was the most joyful and without doubt the prettiest of the coffee bar group. As I recall, a young Australian called John was travelling around the world in a beat up old camper van and I think that he fell in love with her when he stayed in Bath. He used to call her "Maggie May" after the Rod Stewart number. Not sure, but I think that they both left Bath to travel together.

It was a long time ago, but there was a regular in the club that used to do a very good impression of Mick Jagger on stage much to the delight of all watching. Sorry, but his name escapes me, but if you saw him you are sure not to forget him! If it helps with your quest, there were two Sisters called Susan & Cathy Duckett. Their Father was a Doctor, but I would guess that he has passed away by now. He was a good man and helped me a lot. I regret that I was not mature enough to thank him for all that he did for me. And I remember another petite little girl called Penny who was a really nice person.

Eddie - If you are trying to trace people, I think that your best bet would be Dave Snook as he was a senior member (not in years, but responsibility), and I think that he used to live at the Twerton end of the Lower Bristol Road in Bath. He may have been the guy who booked the bands. As a matter of interest do you remember the Fish Company, and Ishmael and Andy who played at the Four Square?

Anyway Eddie, good luck and I hope that you find whatever it is that you are searching for.

With Best Regards .............

And later, this person wrote the following

Since my last e-mail I have also remembered a guy called Phil Pringle who played classical guitar, but I think that he was somewhat older than the others. I remember the Fish Company because it was me that made the posters for forthcoming bands, though strangely I don't remember your band. I think that I arrived in Bath circa 1968'ish and left Bath circa 1971'ish, so maybe you gigged after I left. (We were actualyy first there in March 1969, so there was probaly some overlap. Obviously we weren't that memorable!)

One final bit of info is that I am fairly certain that Dave Snook and a few others had very close links with a church in Bath. If you Google Map Bath, locate the railway station and follow the road that leads directly away from the front of the railway station you will find a church on the righthand side of the road approx 300 metres from the station. Maybe they can help? If I remember any more, I will e-mail.



January 2011

Hi Eddie

What memories your request has brought back for me! I was part of the group that set up the coffee bar with the leader, Richard Duggan from Bristol...probably the Mr RW Duggan on your prayer partner list. I left home to nurse in London in Sept 1968 so I don't remember much after that, though I do remember folk like Dave and Angie Snook and Mary Minnie. I will contact my sister, Catherine as she was around in the years that you want photos for and may well know how to get in touch with people who could help you.

The coffee bar was part of St Michael's church which is still a vibrant church in the city centre. I could also get in touch with the present verger there...Ruth Holden...who was around in that era, too. Hopefully there are some photos out there for you.

Best wishes

Sue Wakely (Ducat)



January 2011

Hi Eddie

Just a quick acknowledgement to your surprise e-mail while we try to remember a few details.

Richard Duggan was the leader and later moved to France, I am not sure who booked the groups which included Graham Kendrick and Julia McKenzie and on one occasion Larry Norman from the USA.

The Four Square was at 88 Walcot St. which was the church hall, it is now an italian restaurant. If you look up, and go into the photos you will probably recognise the hall as they have kept the art deco features. Not sure about the Indian restuarant but there is one on the corner opposite Bath Abbey called Jamuna.

The majority of members of the Four Square moved on from Bath including Maggie who emigrated to Australia having married John, plus another guy nicknamed Noddy. Dave and I are still members of St. Michaels having married there in March 1969.

We will try and get in touch with some of the other ex members, Chris the guitarist still lives in Bath. We will forward your e-mail to Mary (Minnie) as she will probably remember quite a bit of useful information. I remember it being the time of Mods and Rockers which was quite interesting!! on some evenings.


Angela and David


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