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Knutsford Coffee Bar
(26 September 1970)

No pictures from this meeting, but in February 2008, I received this e-mail from Roy Weaver who was responsible for the booking. It explains more about the Christian scene in the Manchester/Liverpool area around that time.  I have added some links where appropriate.

16 February 2008


I booked Crossbeats to sing in an old wooden hut on Saturday 26 September 1970 in Knutsford Cheshire. It was a highlight in our programme. The only time the young people would listen was when either we had the Crossbeats or Gordon Bailey.

Great days - when so many in Manchester and the area were seeking souls for Christ. When Val Grieve and Clary Jefferies invited Dr Martin Lloyd Jones to speak each year at the Free Trade Hall. They also were instrumental in bringing Billy Graham to Manchester.

Then there was the Vicar of Godley, Billy May, who called himself the only Godly Vicar in the Diocese! Val asked me to take over the Catacombs but I was a curate. Then the Peoples Church invited me to Pastor some years after Pastor Bailey (Gordan's Father ) died, but I continued in the Anglican church until it got further and further from the Bible.

Still going strong running a Visual Ministry now. The Crossbeats were used so often to attract young people to hear the Gospel. It led to others forming groups and Youth Praise and other hymns came out. Val was a great man of God, a Lawyer who rolled up his sleeves and worked flat out for the Lord.

Praise God for such people.

Roy (Weaver)


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