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20 February 1971
We have no recollection (at this stage) of the meeting at Willenhall on 20 February 1971.  There is simply the word "Willenhall" in the diary.

However, I received this e-mail in April 2004 from Rob Archer in Derby.  Rob offers some information about the meeting (possibly), comments on the early years of CCM in the UK, and also includes other information about his own UK Christian band.

14 April 2004


I've enjoyed looking all over your crossbeats website.  It is interesting to read about the early years of the CCM stuff.

I became a Christian at the age of 18 in early 1973 after a few years at a local church.  I think I can just about remember going to your event on Sat 20 Feb 1971 in Willenhall.  I went with our youth group that I'd been going to for a few months.

The details of the evening are very hazy but can just about remember a band (I presume yours, I doubt if there was much else around) on stage with a big clock face behind it indicating the eleventh hour (very subtle).  I can't remember the exact location either, so my comments aren't much use really!  My own church was in Ashmore Park, Wednesfield, just a few miles from Willenhall.

Of course - I recall 'Do you remember' from Youth Praise!  Who hasn't sung it!

After becoming a Christian, for 4 years while a student I sang/played with a friend in a two man band (1973 to 1977) and did about 70 engagements at various church events, coffee bars, prisons, student events etc, all organised by Christians mainly in the West Midlands.  All small scale events, but mostly with some sort of outreach context, rather than worship.

As you say the CCM of those days was so different to now, although by the early 70's there was more Christian music emerging.  I even remember Graham Kendrick playing to a handful of students at Bristol University Mission in 1973!

Best regards

Rob Archer, Derby


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