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Bookings which can't be dated or re-called

We have a number of bits of paperwork which cannot be 'placed' as to where and when the events took place. Any help with the following would be gratefully received.

A harvest thanksgiving ticket from somewhere

This concert (somewhere) included: Vic Jackopson (speaker), Judy Mackenzie & Dave, Mixed Media (or was it Street People?), Carol, John & Aubrey, and Derek Stringer (speaker)

We don't know whether this ever happened at Watermillock, on Ullswater in the lake District.  We have no record of it, and there seems to be no "Sunday 18 September" when it could have been.  According to personal diaries, it definitely did not happen on the only "Sunday 18 September" possible in the Crossbeats era (which was in 1966)

If you can help to supply any extra information, please get in touch. Email

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