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Back Where You Belong

The song: "Back Where You Belong" was written by Eddie Boyes (tune & words), Eric Knowles (words), Tony Mathias (words) in March 1966, and played from late May onwards that year.  One write-up described it as:

"An upbeat number in familiar crossBeaTs fashion. Not a tuneful melody line - very average".

In September 2002, I received this e-mail from Rev Les Collinson of St Barnabas' Church Darwen, Lancashire, UK.

19 September 2002

Hi I'm really knocked out!

Back in 1968 or 69, I led a rock band based, of all places, at Bradford Cathedral.  The Crossbeats came and showed us how it's done ... and I still remember being told (as part of the audience) that the band was happy to talk, but not about broken strings ... about Jesus!

I bought the LP (still have it, though it's none too playable after all these years) and I owe a lot to it ... to the band ... to the Lord ...

In 1971 I married one of our "fans" and my days of churchgoing seemed to be at an end.  (Let it be said that the Cathedral wasn't a very live place most of the time ... things changed later, though).

One day, after we'd moved house, we were sitting outside with our next-door neighbour, playing music, and she was a regular member at the local C of E church on our estate.  "Oh, I've got a Christian LP!" says I.  Well, this voice starts singing about it being time to be "Back Where You Belong".  And that was the result. Here I am now, 27 years further on, Vicar of St Barnabas, Darwen.

Thanks, more than I can say!  Tonight, I had a sudden urge to find out if there was anything about the Crossbeats on the net ... here I am.  I am very interested in getting some of your songs on CD, but my modem is not the fastest thing on earth (like its owner, I guess).  How do I go about getting at least the LP and single?

Incidentally, I still play the guitar, every week at church.  My nickname in some places is "The Rockin' Reverend" or "Rockin' Vicar", but then that's cool because it's through the guitar that the Lord "got" me back in '68 and now it's a pleasure to play for him.  There might even be a CD one day!

With love in Jesus,

Les Collinson

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