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Prayer Partners


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Prayer was a vital part of the crossBeaTs' ministry, and we would always have a time of prayer before each meeting between the 5 of us.  More important than this, of course, was the band of praying people who supported the work of the group.  The following list of 300 prayer partners contains the names and part addresses of individuals when they first registered, or made a request to be put on the crossBeaTs (or Seekers) prayer list.  They became involved after discussion at meetings as the group played in churches, clubs, coffee bars and colleges.  Many wrote afterwards saying how the songs had helped them, and asking to be added to the list (see below - after the list).

The idea of a prayer letter was suggested by Lorna Moffatt and Ann Oddie (later Ann Orman) who worked hard to set the thing up, and were the first prayer secretaries.  Although this list is complete in terms of our records, it is known that many other people (see below) prayed regularly for the work of this and other groups.

In compiling this list, changes of marital status or address, which we may have been notified of later, have been ignored, and the original information only is given below.  The list will include the names of some who, in receiving the prayer letters, simply wanted to be kept in touch (eg Buzz and Challenge magazines - so they could put news items about groups in their columns).  It will also contain the names of some people who perhaps had no intention of praying, and even those who subsequently lost their faith. A large proportion, however, were committed praying partners, and their dedication to the ministry of prayer was far more important in the Kingdom of God than that of those who lugged equipment round, played guitars and sang.  The list is in 'roughly' alphabetical order and dates back to 1964, though some of the prayer partners joined much later.

Rev Peter ADAMS, Tyndale Hall, Bristol Miss Jean ALEXANDER, Barnhey Green, West Derby
Miss Daphne ALLEN, Mendys Road, Prenton Miss Linda ANDERS, Swinburne Road, St Helens
Miss Irene ANDERSON, Hewitt Avenue, Eccleston Mr Ian ARMITAGE, Meadow Crescent, Woodchurch
Miss Barbara ASHTON, Waltham Road, Anfield Mrs A ASPINALL, Muirhead Avenue, Tuebrook
Miss Jean ATHERTON, Braunton Road, Aigburth Miss Joyce BALL, Halsbury Road, Liverpool
Mr S BANKS, Palm Grove, Birkenhead Mrs W BANNER, Elmswood Road, Higher Tranmere
Rev RS BARNETT, St John's Road, Kirkdale Miss Irene BARRON, Harrow Road, Anfield
Mrs BARROW, Home Farm Road, Knowlsey Rev Gordon BATES, Hanover St, Liverpool
Mr & Mrs BATSTONE, Price Road, Cubbington Mrs Y BAYLIS, Meadway, Stockport
Rev Simon BECKLEY, Huddersfield Road, Delph Mr Mike BEWS, Lisburn Road, Aigburth
Miss Beatrice BINNS, Batey Avenue, Rainhill Bishop Stuart BLANCHE, Woolton Park, Liverpool
Miss Carol BOARDMAN, Harboard Road, Waterloo Miss Hilary BOARDMAN, Harboard Road, Waterloo
Miss N BOLTON, St Marys Road, Moston Miss E BOYES, Woodbine Street, Kirkdale
Mr & Mrs J BOYES, Cowper Street, Bootle Miss Fiona BRADSHAW, Bramwell Avenue, Prenton
Mr Edwin BRAIN, Bland Road, Prestwich Miss Elizabeth BRICE, Bromley Avenue, Mossley Hill
Rev JA BRIGGS, Freshfield Road, Formby Miss Janet BROCKLEY, Beechwood Avenue, Connah's Quay
Miss Yvonne BROOKS, Knowsley Road, Southport Miss Christine BROWN, St Norbert Drive, Kirk Hallam
Miss Ruth BROWN, Litherland Park, Litherland Mr Stephen BROWNLEE, Marina Crescent, Bootle
Rev SR BUCKLEY, Denton Lane, Chadderton Rev Ian BUNTING, Galloway Road, Waterloo
Miss Doreen BURNS, Rochester Road, Rock Ferry Mr Robert BURNS, The Parade, Dudley
Mr & Mrs J BUTLER, Pelton Fell, Chester-le-Street Editor of BUZZ Magazine, Seaforth Avenue, New Malden
Mrs Pat BYRNE, Marie Curie Avenue, Netherton Miss Ann CALLCOTT, Power Road, Rock Ferry
Rev J CAMERON, Leathers Lane, Halewood Miss Gillian CANNELL, DeVilliers Avenue, Crosby
Miss Jennifer CARDUS, Liverpool Road, Aughton Mrs Ivy CARR, Moore Street, Bootle
Mr Alan CARRUTHERS, Fernhill Road, Bootle Miss Linda CARYL, Speke Road, Liverpool
Miss Kathleen CHAMBERS, Wilsons Lane, Litherland Miss Lesley CHAMBERS, Wilsons Lane, Litherland
Mr M CHARTERS, Alpha Street, Litherland Miss Angela CHURCHMAN, Grove Road South, Southsea
Miss Ann CLARKE, Spring Street, Rishton Miss J CLARKE, Spring Street, Rishton
Mr & Mrs COLLINS, Euston Grove, Birkenhead Miss Pam COOK, Lamorna Avenue, Hull
Mr & Mrs D CORKHILL, Thorne Drive, Little Sutton Mr John COURTIE, Belvidere Road, Liverpool
Miss Linda COURTMAN, Silverdale Drive, Litherland Miss Sandra COVENTRY, Church Road, Litherland
Miss E CRANE, Sandown Road, Wavertree Miss Barbara CROMPTON, Oak Avenue, Haydock
Miss Fiona CROSBIE, Garden Villas, Hensingham Miss Hilary CROSS, Crosshill Road, Blackburn
Miss Catherine DAULBY, Baythorne Road, Walton Miss Marjorie DAVIES, Walker Drive, Litherland
Mr Myles DAVIES, Litherland Park, Litherland Mr & Mrs T DAVIES, Elmdene Road, Kenilworth
Miss Christine DEARLOVE, Lund Lane, Killinghall Miss Jacqueline DENNIS, The College, Chester
Miss Jean DIXON, Gloucester Road, Bootle Miss J DONNELLY, Leyfield Road, West Derby
Miss Helen DOGGART, Nicholson Avenue, Macclesfield Miss Betty DRAKE, Keir Hardie Avenue, Bootle
Mrs Lin DRUMMOND, Erdser Street, Moss Side Miss Ann DUENDEN, Bankside Lane, Bacup
Miss Elizabeth DUGDALE, Lucan Street, Aigburth Mr RW DUGGAN, Lawrence Grove, Henleaze
Miss Eileen EABORN, Derwent Road, warrington Mr Dave EASTWOOD, Grosvenor Place, Claughton
Rev ID ELLIOT, Kenton Road, Halewood Mr Geoffrey ELLIS, Wellington Street, Southport
Miss C EVANS, Parthenon Drive, Norris Green Miss Rosalind FERGUSON, Raydon Road, Upton
Miss Christine FERNAY, Pool St, Wigan Miss Pam FERRIS, Hemans Street, Bootle
Miss Denise FORREST, Gaskell Road, Bootle Miss Carol FREESTONE, Tennyson Street, Liverpool 8
Miss Sandra GALLAGHER, Bancroft Road, London Rev Philip GASCOIGNE, Peel Road, Bootle
Miss J GASKELL, Westminster Avenue, Netherton Miss Valerie GIBBS, Grangeway, Handforth
Rev Alan GODSON, Catacombs Club, Manchester Miss Pauline GODDARD, Reedville Road, Bebington
Miss Jennifer GOODWIN, Kenneth Close, Netherton Mr Ken GORMAN, Cable Road, Hoylake
Miss Margaret GOULDEN, Keble Road, Bootle Miss Pamela GRACE, Knowsley Road, Southport
Miss Pauline GRACE, Knowsley Road, Southport Mr & Mrs Charlie GREEN, Prior Street, Bootle
Mrs H GREEN, Prior Street, Bootle Miss Linda GREEN, Chesnut Grove, Bootle
Miss Grace GREENWOOD, Highfield Road, Carnforth Mr Jim GRIFFITHS, Eskburn Road, Tuebrook
Mrs A GRUNDY, Cavendish Road, Blundellsands Miss Ruth HALTON, Derbyshire Hill Road, Parr
Mr Keith HALES, Rockville Road, Broadgreen Rev Jim HAMILTON, Roe Lane, Southport
Mrs Diane HARDY, Bridge Farm drive, Maghull Miss B HARGREAVES, Woodyear Road, Bromborough
Miss Ann HARTLEY, Scott Street, Bootle Rev Roger HAYDEN, Park Road, Rossendale
Mr Michael HAYES, Smollett Street, Bootle Mr L HEAP, Norfolk Street, Accrington
Mrs M HEELEY, Ullswater Road, Chester-le-Street Miss Margaret HEMMING, Essex Road, Eastney
Mr & Mrs N HERON, Moffat Road, Aintree Miss Lynne HESKETH, Mabel Street, Wigan
Mrs Biddy HEYWOOD, Florence Park, Redland Miss Carol HEYS, Whalley Road, Clitheroe
Miss Susan HEYS, Whalley Road, Clitheroe Mrs Valma HIBBERT, Kierhardie Avenue, Bootle
Miss Pauline HIGHTON, Pilch Lane, Liverpool Miss Dorothy HIGHTON, Pilch Lane, Liverpool
Mr Ian HIRST, Bangor, North Wales Miss Susan HITCHMOUGH, Clinton Road, West Derby
P HOLLOWAY, Garden Close, Watford Mr G HOLT, Oak Ridges, Toronto
Mr AV HOPE, Esmond Road, Cheetham Hill Rev Ernest HOPKINS, Holy Trinity, Anfield
Mr Ian HOPPER, Palmerstone Street, Bollington Miss Pamela HORN, Creswell Mount, Everton
Miss Joyce HOWARTH, Sycamore Crescent, Rawtenstall Miss Katherine HOWARTH, Bradshaw Hall Lane, Cheadle
Miss Sandra HOWARD, Haigh Crescent, Lydiate Miss Jean HOWARD, Hard Lane, St Helens
Miss Kathryn HOWE, , Rose Brae, Liverpool Mr Albert HUGHES, Standish Street, St Helens
Miss Joyce HUGHAN, Orangefield Park, Belfast Mr B HULM, Alwyn Street, Liverpool
Miss Ruth HUGHES, College Road, Crosby Miss Joan HURST, Haslingdon Old Road, Rawtenstall
Miss Gillian HURST, Norway Street, Waterloo Miss A HUTCHINSON, Tilstone Road, Aintree
Mr RG HURST, Ashlyn's School, Berkhemstead Miss Sally JACK, Kings Road, Stretford
Miss Rosalind HUTCHINSON, Ladyburn Crescent, Bramhall Miss Alison JONES, Brooks Way, Formby
Miss GM JAMES, Baron's Court Road, Penylan Miss Christine JONES, Alpine Road, Easton
Miss Carol JONES, Milner Road, Aigburth Miss Sylvia JONES, Hunslett Road, Aintree
Mr Phil JONES, Claude Road, Anfield Mr Chris KEENAN, Claude Road, Anfield
Dr WE KEARNS, Aigburth Road, Liverpool Miss Marjorie KEMP, The Rake, Burton
Miss Pauline KEENAN, Claude Road, Anfield Rev K KENT, Ryefield Lane, Ford
Mr John KENNEDY, Ennerdale Drive, Litherland Miss Elizabeth KNOWLES, Poplar Close, Connah's Quay
Rev Joe KITTS, Merton Road, Bootle Mr Maurice LEE, Wyres Court Road, West Derby
Mr & Mrs Eric KNOWLES, Dryden Street, Bootle Mr Alan LINFORD, Thackeray Gardens, Bootle
Rev Canon GR LINDSAY, Mariners Road, Blundellsands Miss Kathy LLOYD, Manor Road, Crosby
Miss Eileen LEYLAND, Ormskirk Road, Pemberton Mr Malcom LOMAX, Kenilworth Road, Sale
Miss Vanessa LONGRIDGE, Margaret Road, Walton Mr Ian MCMURRAY, Gower street, Reading
Miss P MCCALL, Woodyear Road, Bromborough Mr David MARKLAND, Hard lane, St Helens
Miss Joan MANNIMAN, Robson Street, Liverpool Miss Rosemary MARSH, Walkers Drive, Litherland
Miss Jennifer MARSDEN, Dunriding Lane, St Helens Bishop Clifford MARTIN, Woolton Park, Liverpool
Miss Lynne MARSHALL, Church Road, Halewood Mr P MEALE, The College, Chester
Miss Janet MATTHEWS, Shadowmoss Road, Manchester Miss Susan MELLOR, Gartons Lane, St Helens
Miss Sandra MEALING, Colshaw Road, Wythenshawe Miss Lynda MIDDLETON, Langdale Drive, Mottram
Miss Aelison MELVILLE, Eden Drive North, Crosby Mr Jimmy MILLS, Percy Street, Bootle
Mr John MILLINGTON, Mary Road, Bootle Rev John MOCKFORD, Kampala, Uganda
Miss Barbara MILNE, Demmings Road, Cheadle Miss Jean MORRIS, Domingo Vale, Anfield
Miss Anne MOORE, Exeter Street, St Helens Miss C MORRISON, Albert Schweitzer Avenue, Liverpool
Mr Pete MORRIS, Irwin Road, St Helens Miss Mary MOSS, St Anne's Road, Freshfield
Miss Judith MOSS, Clarendon Road, Audenshaw Mr Ross MOUGHTIN, Portland Avenue, Liverpool
The MOUNTAINEERS, Everton Road, Manchester Mr Gordon NELSON, Chatsworth Avenue, Orrell Park
Miss Barbara NEWING, Windle Grove, St Helens Miss J NICHOLSON, Stuart Road, Walton
Miss Lydia NOLAN, Edge Lane, Liverpool Mr Jimmy NUNEN, Lamper Road, Anfield
Mr GM OAKES, Stocks Lane, Chester Mr & Mrs OAKES, Central Drive, Cheadle
Mr David ORMAN, Gorsey Lane, Litherland Mrs Ann ORMAN, Gorsey Lane, Litherland
Rev Trevor PARK, Vicarage Mews, Crossthwaite Miss Kathryn PATTER, Birch Street, Wigan
Miss Jackie PEARCE, Bowling Hall Road, East Bowling Mrs E PENNINGTON, Oakfield Road, Anfield
Miss Joan PHILIPS, Enstone Avenue, Litherland Miss Susan PILING, Schofield Road, Rawtenstall
Mr Colin POWELL, North Road, Birkenhead Mr M POOLE, Everton Road, Chorlton-on-Medlock
Mr R PYE, Warton, Carnforth Miss Jean QUINN, Copley Street, Everton
Miss Margaret RAMSBOTTOM, Haslingden Road, Rossendale Miss Rita RATCLIFFE, Hockton Road, Bowling
Miss Linda RAWLINSON, Peelhouse Lane, Widnes Mr & Mrs J READ, Bulford Road, Durrington
Miss Eunice REEVES, Rock Lane East, Rock Ferry Miss D RHODES, Aldwyn Park Road, Audenshaw
Miss Sheila RICKETT, Wardle Street, Sale Miss Sylvia ROBARTS, Rock Lane West, Rock Ferry
Miss Eileen ROBERTS, Elizabeth Road, St Helens Mrs Judith ROBERTS, Tattenhall, Chester
Miss Kathy ROBERTS, Elizabeth Road, St Helens Miss Gwyneth ROBERTS, Radway Road, Huyton
Mrs Margaret ROBERTS, College Drive, Bebington Miss Joan ROBINSON, Kirk Road, Levenshulme
Miss Christine ROBINSON, Edenhurst Road, Stockport Miss Susan ROBY, Wood Road, Halewood
Mr Frank RODGERS, Beckminster School, Wolverhampton Mr John ROOT, Mordiford, Hereford
Mrs H ROWE, Bartlett Street, Liverpool Mr & Mrs HA ROWE, Barn Meadow Road, Gateacre
Rev Brian RUFF, Chadvil Road, Cheadle Miss Mary SADLER, Torrington Dowe, Halewood
Rev Roger SAINSBURY, Portland Place, Liverpool Mrs Jenny SAINSBURY, Portland Place, Liverpool
Miss Diane SAVAGE, Amthill Road, Aigburth Mr D SANGSTER, Chapel Road, Worthing
Miss Daisy SCOTT, Norton Street, Bootle Miss M SHAW, Brodie Avenue, Liverpool
Miss A SHAW, Westminster Avenue, Netherton Capt P SHAW, West View, East Bowling
Miss Sandra SHEPHERD, Boaler Street, Liverpool Miss Jeanie SIMPSON, Ravenhill Avenue, Belfast
Miss S SINCLAIR, Charlesworth Street, Manchester Miss J SINGLETON, Tilston Road, Walton
Miss R SLINN, Kiln Lane, St Helens Miss Susan SMART, Malvern Grove, Prenton
Miss Alison SMITH, Montague Street, Clitheroe Miss Doreen SMITH, Fulwood Road, Aigburth
Miss Elayne SMITH, Randall Drive, Ford Miss Gillian SMITH, Kent Road, Formby
Miss Susan SMITH, Greystone Road, Penketh Miss Gillian SNOW, Woodlands Road, Witney
Miss Linda SNOWBALL, Pipers Lane, Heswall Mr Graham STAMFORD, Capernwray Hall, Carnforth
Miss A STANGROOM, Hale Drive, Speke Miss Margaret STARR, Macbeth Street, Kirkdale
Mr John STIGGERS, Broadmead, Corsham Rev G STIRRUP, Church Street West, Radcliffe
Miss G STONES, Backing Lane, Sheffield Mr C STOTT, Moorside Road, Flixton
Miss Jean SUMNER, Cartrefle College of Education Miss Joan SWARBRICK, Pilling Lane, Preesall
Rev J TABERN, Watling Avenue, Liverpool Miss Dorothy THORPE, Padstow Road, Childwall
Mr J TINSLEY, Trevor Road, Aintree Miss Elaine TODD, Brompton Avenue, East Bowling
Mr Robin TOLEY, Argyle Road, Ealing Miss Carolyn TUCKER, Alton Grove, Bradford
Miss Elizabeth TURNER, Hornby lane, Liverpool Miss May UNSWORTH, Carmel Street, Everton
Miss Judith VALDER, Rochester Terrace, London Miss Beryl WALKER, Nurses Home, Manningham
Mr Frank WALLER, Goodwood Road, London Miss Anthea WALTERS, Ernest Parry Road, Wrexham
Miss Christine WARWICK, Clagh Vane, Ballasalla Mr John WATSON, Bank Hey Lane South, Blackburn
Mrs D WEAVER, Knowsley Road, Bootle Mr Jim WEBSTER, Norton Street, Bootle
Mr Dave WEEDALL, Bibbys Lane, Bootle Miss Gillian WEEKS, Cresstor Road, Woolton
Mr Eric WEST, Robinson Street, Fulwood Mr Graham WEST, Lyncott Road, Liverpool
Miss SG WILDE, Downham Road North, Heswall Mr Ian WILSON, Royden Road, Upton
Miss Jean WILSON, Green Leach Lane, Haresfinch Miss Ruth WILLETT, Richmond Park, Anfield
Mrs D WILLIAMS, Linwood Road, Higher Tranmere Miss Dorothy WILLIAMS, Melling Avenue, Aintree
Miss Glenys WILLIAMS, Church Road, Litherland Rev Joe WILLIAMS, Queens Road, Kendal
Miss Ann WISE, Waterpark Road, Prenton Miss P WORRALL, Stopgate Lane, Liverpool
Mr D WRIGHT, Gisburn Road, Barnoldswick Miss Helen YATES, Lancaster Avenue, Whitefield

I have since heard of other people (not on this list) who prayed for the work of the crossBeaTs.  One such group were the the young people from Urmston Gospel Hall, Manchester (later Urmston Evangelical Church).  Irene Lee was a friend of Lorna Moffatt (above) and was one of the Urmston people, along with Alan Taylor, who prayed regularly for the work of the group.  These youngsters also, through their connection with Val Grieve, prayed for and worked at the Catacombs coffee bar in Manchester.

 Prayer Letter Folder Cover
Cover of prayer letter folder, used to keep prayer letters in

This letter was received in 1969 from someone in Warrington wanting to be added to the prayer letter list.

4 November 1969


I would very much like to join the prayer group to help the "Crossbeats" with their work. They came to sing for us on Friday evening at Great Sankey, Warrington, and they were really good. I had never heard the gospel put over in this way before, and nobody has brought it more alive and more meaningful to me than they did. When I was talking to Tony, he asked me if I would like to become a member of the prayer group where you receive a news and prayer letter and pray for the group in their work, and he told me to write to you. It must be very helpful for them to know that many people, even though they may never meet them, are backing them up by asking God to guide and help them to bring more and more people to Jesus. I sincerely hope that I will be able to help the group in this way, and so I look forward to joining the prayer group.

Yours sincerely

Undated letter


I felt that I really must write and thank you for speaking to my friend on Saturday night. She has never heard the Gospel preached before, and I was so glad when I persuaded her to come to the meeting. She enjoyed it very much, and is eager to come again. I do pray that she will accept Christ as her Saviour, and thank you for the wonderful witness you gave last night which has resulted in her now serious approach to Christianity and why we must be saved.

I just can't put into words the joy I have experienced during the past two years having known Christ personally as my Saviour. He has lead me to nursing and really helps me day by day - I know I could never live without Him now. I needed a friend whom I could trust and lean on each minute of the day as I have had an unstable family background, but I can truthfully say that Jesus has been my all in all, and always will be.

I do pray for the work of your group as I know everything will not run smoothly, and I dare say that you are open to much criticism, but how worth it it is to see souls saved. May God bless each one of you and use you to His glory

With all Christian love

Yours in the Saviour

Hebrews 13: v 8

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