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St Leonard's Church Bootle (early 1960s)
The crossBeaTs began in the early 1960s at St Leonard's Church Bootle, under the ministry of John Mockford. There were many early influences on the group, but none more than the ministry team of John Mockford, Colin Bazley, Ian Bunting and Keith Anderson. Other key lay people at that time were Tom Cooper, Jim Frostick, Jim Webster, Ernest Hopkins, Bob Lyndsey and (big) Eric Knowles. Some of these people can be seen in the pictures below.

I have also added a few other photographs of the era which folk have sent me. If you can add information, or want to comment, please e-mail.
  John Mockford Morning parade service
John Mockford, vicar (~1960)

Morning Parade Service at St Leonard's Bootle (~1960)
Team Ministry Outside Church
TheTeam Ministry (St Leonard's and St Mary's with St John) of 1962/63 (with overlapping curates). Back Row: Colin Bazley, Ian Bunting, Keith Anderson. Front Row: Barbara Bazley, John Mockford, Angela Mockford, Ruth Anderson.

Leaving St Leonard's after the Sunday morning service (~1960)
Youth Rally {St Leonard's hall stage}
Playing in St Leonard's hall - probably around Harvest 1962
Eddie Boyes, Eric Knowles, John Boyes
Colin Bazley leading singing - Sunday evening Youth Rally (~1960)
Left to right
Front Row:
(Someone obscured), Eric Knowles, Jimmy Mills, Roy Andrew, Jeff Davies?, Eddie Boyes, Jean Sawyers, Cynthia Clarke?, Ken Rayner, John Chester
Row 2: Roy Chicken, (3 spaces), Christine Harrison, Pat Satterley, (someone), Linda Boote - partly obscured
Row 3: Margie Martin?, (someone), Barbara Taylor?, Brenda Grace?, Pam Ferris, Barbara Jones, Ethel Gumley?
Row 4: (Charlie Mills - obscured?), Jimmy Meggars?, (space), Janet Williams, Barbara Bazely, (2 more at the side with heads down)

Church group - outside St Leonard's (~1960)
Left to right
Front Row:
(Crouching) Richie Atkins, Jimmy Mills
Row 2: Colin Bazley, Tom Cooper, Gordon Nelson, Charlie Mills, John Mockford
Row 3: (Interspersed) Tony Mathias, John Chester (peeking), Stuart Vincent? (peeking), Stan Woods, John Valentine

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