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"The Fish" Coffee Bar
Milnrow, Rochdale

(1 October 1966)
(2 December 1967)

It would seem that the crossBeaTs played at "The Fish Coffee Bar" or, as it sems to have been called some time later "The Fish Cellar Club", at least twice. It was organised by, and situated at, Moorhouse Methodist Church, Milnrow, Rochdale in Lancashire (see later below). The two meetings that we have clear record of were on Saturday 1 October 1966 and Saturday 2 December 1967.

The photographs below were taken at "The Fish" (Milnrow, Rochdale) at the earlier meeting (October 1966) when John Millington was with the group


The crossBeaTs may well have played at "The Fish" much later too, as this flyer was picked up in 1969 - though we can find no record of another booking

Andrew Harwick (Church Steward at Moorhouse Methodist Church in 2013) informed me in 2013 that the old cellar which was used for the "Fish Cellar Club" was sealed off in the mid 1980s as part of the conversion of the Sunday School building into the Worship Centre + Sunday School, following the demolition of the original church. The stage, coffee bar, tables etc were left in situ.

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