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Our Saviour Lutheran Church
Saginaw, Michigan
(5 August 1970)

We stayed at Saginaw from 4-8 August, and the folk at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Saginaw showed great kindness.

Our Saviour Lutheran Church in 2009

Amongst other things, they organised an Open Air Concert where we played from the back of a wagon/trailer (photo below).  It was estimated that between 800-900 people were there at some stage or other - many of what we could have called 'hippies' and 'drop-outs' as well as 'ordinary' people!  The Rev Bob Henkel was the mastermind behind all of this.  We received a phone call from him (later when we were in Washington DC) inviting us to return to the US the following winter and take part in a series of missions in NY, MI and CA - but this never came off.

The photographs below show some of the folk involved at the church in 1970. There are also some later photographs taken on a visit in 2009.

Playing 'on the wagon' (trailer) organised by Bob Henkel and the folk at Our Saviour Lutheran Church

The back of Our Saviour Lutheran Church in 2009 - what was probably the backdrop to the photo above

Some of the group with one of the host families at Our Saviour Lutheran Church. In the background you can see the "stage" that had been set up.
Two of our party at the Henkel's house for a meal

On the far left is Bob O'Connor who was one of the hosts who put us up. Bob and his wife Beth lived at 2847 Wexford Drive, Saginaw
You can visit the current web site of
Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Saginaw

Here is a cutting from the "Saginaw News" from the Sunday before we arrived.


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